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Does Your Business Need An SEO Audit?

If you are a Sydney based business and have never ventured into the world of SEO or have never thought of SEO as a marketing platform, then you are in need of a full SEO Audit.

This is required by businesses looking to take full advantage of search engine optimimation (SEO) and harness the great potential that is can have on your business.

SEO is going to make your website that BEST SALES PERSON your business has have ever had. So, get ready and let us do a full website and SEO Audit for you – CALL US ON 1800 916 191.

SEO Helped Me!


Your rankings are slowly decreasing or have suddenly vanished

This is a common problem and if you give us access to your Google web master tools, analytics and CMS, we can diagnose the issues and make immediate recommendations to alleviate the problem. More often than not, it might be a quick ix, but if our Audit report comes up with more underlying, serious issues, we have the man power and expertise to tackle this head on and get your rankings restored.

Your current seo company is being very secretive

You have been using a SEO company and they are being very circumspect, cagey and secretive about their past and current SEO efforts. If you are starting to see red flags and are beginning to worry and fret that you have made the wrong decision regarding your SEO contractor. We can investigate and pinpoint any anomalies or irregularities in both your actual website and your back linking profile. Believe you me….if you ongoing SEO team has don anything dodgy….we will find it out and tell you about it within a couple of hours! We have the tools at hand to do this.

You can’t seem to budge from your present rankings

You know you have heaps more backlinks than the competition, but you just can’t quite seem to see any improvement. You have heard every excuse under the sun from your SEO team, but nothing they ever do or try is effective. This is as a result of untenable and poor quality links combined with a complete disregard for your actual website content and site semantics. Again, give us a couple of hours, let us run an audit and we will tell you what the blatant issues are.

You don’t trust SEO agencies anymore

You don’t trust SEO companies based on past experience and need some proof of our capabilities and understanding of your websites problems before you are going to commit.


The SEO audit process starts any on page problems we can see – we look at all your main landing pages individually, assess the keywords correlating to these pages and ensure that all content is relevant. We then assess titles, descriptions, H1 headers, URL structures and graphics to make certain that they are compliant.

Based on this in depth investigation, SEO Sydney Digital will provide concrete and easy to understand  suggestions that will restore rankings – I have seen businesses rankings turn around for their main core keywords within a week of implementing our changes based on our SEO Audit. This is REAL and can happen – if you think that your website is not realising its full online potential cause of old web development mistakes, WE CAN FIX THESE PAST!

Another Audit Process is examining your entire Google account, WMT, Analytics, Maps and Google Plus to see if there are any messages or correspondence from Google which has been overlooked or undisclosed to you. You will be surprised that some SEO companies are too embarrassed to tell you about this because its their fault that they have laded you into strife with Google – they will try to hide this from you for as long as possible. A quick 5 minute audit will unveil the ugly truth.

what do you see in the seo audit?
Our Audit Reports are uncomplicated and will highlight: